Samsung Has Another Phone in Its Sleeve This 2019

Samsung Has Another Phone in Its Sleeve This 2019

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After fixing the issues with the Samsung Galaxy Fold and releasing it again, while announcing Note 10, Samsung might still have an ace in its sleeve. Or rather a phone.

According to phone leaker @UniverseIce, Samsung is gearing up to release another handset by the end of the year. Besides the already rumored and expected Note 10 or Fold.

What is our guess?

If we are to believe the tweet above, it’s definitely going to be a flagship . Creative might mean an unexpected design – like Asus Zenfone 6 sports – or myriads of new ways to use the camera it will sport. If it’s the second case, creators will rejoice, for sure.

Judging by the Samsung Galaxy Fold’s recent fail, it will definitely not be another foldable design. The company still has to fix the first.

Could it be another phablet? A professional one with creatives and gamers in mind? It’s a possibility, though we will be extremely disappointed. It’s time for a bit of innovation when it comes to software – increasing the screen size is getting a bit old.

Until further notice, it’s probably best to stay tuned as we will sift through the rumors to get you the best content. Also, we still have to see how the Note 10 fares this end of summer.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has been rumored to look pretty much like S10 but with a stylus to go with. Some publications said it is going to be completely keyless, with insiders adding that it won’t bring major camera upgrades. You can expect 4 Note 10 models – a standard, a pro version and two 5G brothers to the two.

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