Disney’s Avatar Robot Is A Marvel of Technology

navi shaman disney avatar

Disney has been fueling our imagination for decades on screen. Almost every animated movie they released became an instant success. So it’s no secret that behind those castle doors, incredibly talented people spend hours turning their dreams into our reality. One of them is inventing whole new species, like Avatar’s blue humanoid species. As beautiful as they were on screen, they are mind-blowing in the real world, thanks to an amazing robot model #machinemagic

You probably know that Disney opened an area in its Animal Kingdom park dedicated to Pandora this year. As you expect, it’s a world filled with wonder and beauty for the little ones but it’s also meant to captivate older audiences. See, if you take the Na’vi River Journey ride, you’ll find that at the end a very special character awaits for you. The Na’vi Shaman talks and sings to you not from a screen, not as a projection, but as a life-sized creature. It’s actually an animatronic, one of the best we’ve ever seen:


As much as you’d love to dismiss it as a human dressed in a costume, what you’ve seen is a robot. Dolled up, it’s hard to imagine it that way… unless you come across such blatant evidence:


Incredible, right? The animatronic created by Disney manages to convey emotion, while moving with a fluidity you would never expect from a machine. Makes you wonder if you’ve ever mistaken a robot for a human before…

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