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Get Ready for Summer, Because DJI Is Possibly Launching An Underwater Device

dji underwater drone teaser

On May 15, DJI will launch its newest device and the teasing campaign has started.

A countdown timer shows the launch date and invites you to “Unleash Your Other Side”.

Considering the fact the visual suggests an underwater adventure, you might actually have grounds to expect an underwater DJI drone or at least an underwater DJI camera. The Osmo Pocket is a great camera and it would make sense for it to be relaunched as an underwater version.

The teaser could also mean that DJI is finally launching the underwater case for the Osmo Pocket, an accessory that was promised when the camera launched (but never materialized).

Of course, everyone is hoping to see a DJI underwater drone, because that’s something the company hasn’t explored so far.

Fortunately, we won’t have to guess long to see what DJI plans, because the Unleash Your Other Side reveal happens at 9am ET six days from now.

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