Can You Spot AI Generated Faces? This Site Will Let You Know

University of Washington scientists came up with a website in hopes to train people to spot images which are actually built by an algorithm. It works pretty simply, as users are being asked to guess which of two side-by-side photos is real and which is AI created. focuses on Nvidia’s AI algorithm called StyleGAN which is able to create almost-perfect portraits of humans.
Its creators, Jevin West, and Carl Bergstrom aim to teach users to become more skeptical of photographic images, as well as more critical, in order to spot a fake.

Apparently, we should be looking for the following signs:

Water splotches are a distinguishing feature of the current “StyleGAN algorithm.

Weird backgrounds

Asymmetry, including facial hair, earrings, fabric, eyeglasses.

Hair. Look for a halo or glow around it.

Fluorescent bleed. Beware of unnatural bright colors.

Teeth. Look carefully for asymmetries.

Currently, there isn’t any software able to generate multiple images of the same fake subject in multiple perspectives. Therefore, if you want to spot an impostor, ask for multiple photos.

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