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DJI Zenmuse X7 Shoots 6K RAW Video For Airborne Movies

dji zenmuse x7

DJI has been devising drones for hobbyists and fans, industrial missions and visual projects, but until now, they didn’t have one drone camera that could really convince professionals. The Zenmuse X7 is set to change that #actionmagic

This drone camera is seen as the first Super 35 digital camera for professional drone cinematography. The impressive sensor is perfect for those looking to make a movie using scenes shot in mid-air, from high above. Zenmuse X7 can shoot 6K RAW video (in DNG format) with 14 stops of dynamic range. To that, you can add several lenses, including a 16mm, 24mm, 35mm or 50mm one. The dedicated mount system was created specifically with premium lenses in mind.

Regardless of the lens you use, you’ll get a shallow depth of field when focusing to get close shots. The 16mm lens offered even comes with a ND 4 filter. When you want to do some extra editing, there’s always the Cinema Color System offered by DJI. It’s a pretty good deal, if you ask us.

Of course, the camera doesn’t come cheap. The X7 costs $2,699 (just the “body”). The lenses sell for $1,299/piece, with the exception of the long-ranged one which is $1,199.

If you’re sure the DJI camera is going to be crucial for your work for a longer period of time, then maybe it’s not a bad idea to think of a bundle. All four lenses can be bought as a set for $4,299.

Either way, don’t wait too much to make a decision; shipping starts at the beginning of November.

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