Does Motorola Razr 2 Stand a Chance Against Samsung Z Flip 2?

Does Motorola Razr 2 Stand a Chance Against Samsung Z Flip 2?

Not everyone wants a phone that turns into a tablet instantly. There’s plenty of you out there looking for a super compact phone, half the size of a standard one these days. Like a clamshell, but with all the bells and whistles of a 2020 flagship. Well, Motorola likes a challenge so they’re planning to release Razr 2 this fall!

Even with a potential Z Flip second edition on the horizon, the company is pushing forward with the second foldable phone, no excuses, no second thoughts, counting on the loyal fanbase out there that remembers the good ol’ days of the Razr V3 phone. 

But if the first Razr didn’t stand a chance against the specs of Samsung Z Flip, this fella is going to match those of Samsung Z Flip 2 and might even surpass them.

First of all, the design is not going to be drastically different. And that’s a good thing. There’s no sense in changing the clamshell shape we’ve just come to love again. Instead, Motorola Razr 2 has been reduced to an even thinner body; you’ll have a sleek flagship in your hands, both compact and thin. 

We can’t say the same thing about the Z Flip 2 though; from what we heard, this year’s edition has a thicker frame than last year’s. 

Razr 2 is going to have a 6.2-inch display and will run, some say, on Snapdragon 765. That will be a pity if it turns out to be true, folks. We hope it’s the company’s way to lower the price considering that Z Flip will definitely use an 865 chip, which is the latest from Qualcomm. For those of you who care about performance and price, this will be at least a bit annoying. 

But there’s good news too! Instead of just one skimpy camera, you’re going to enjoy two! Finally! Watch the video above to find out more about the camera module!

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