Ducati CEO Confirms An Electric Ducati Is On Its Way


Harley Davidson, probably the most well-known name in the motorcycle industry even to those who don’t ride, has announced the company’s very first electric motorcycle just a few months ago.

Now it looks like Ducati will be the next big motorcycle brand to introduce an electric motorcycle lineup to its family in the near future. The company is, admittedly, a little late to the electric motorcycle party but that doesn’t mean we can’t expect to be surprised.

Ducati has worked alongside the Milan Polytechnic School of Design and developed the Ducati Zero electric concept while company CEO Claudio Domenicali himself was seen riding a Ducati Hypermotard with a Zero FX powertrain, so it’s safe to say that the company is no stranger to EVs.

Domenicali has hinted at the future vehicle during an event that took place in Spain recently. He stated simply that “the future is electric” and that Ducati is already on the path to production.

Domenicali was tight lipped about any other details but Managing Director of Ducati Western Europe, Edouard Lotthé, stated that the earliest we can expect to see a Ducati EV should be around 2021.

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