DuckDuckGo, the “Signal” of Search Engines?

Just like Signal was flooded with sign-ups after the WhatsApp privacy policy change, so has DuckDuckGo’s popularity increased. Is DuckDuckGo the Signal of search engines?

Google is a bit more skilled at hiding its tracks than Facebook but it’s definitely not innocent. In fact, Google has many more tools to track you, learn about you, and gain from you. 

Its tracking skills are famous and extensive, and with Chrome, Search, Analytics and AdSense surrounding you, can you even escape?!

Turns out, you can. It may seem like an eternal Hunger Games out there, but it’s not that bad, I promise. Just like with WhatsApp, you have alternatives. And the one that’s coming on top this year is… DuckDuckGo

Heard of it? Since it’s been in the wild for 13 years now, probably. But maybe you’ve never paid much attention to it. After all, Google compiling all that info about you and creating a profile comes with an advantage.

Everything is connected and jumping from one Google tool to the other and even getting personalized recommendations feels like Heaven!

That’s what Google is counting on. And what DuckDuckGo, like other smaller, privacy-focused search engines, can’t really fight with. But don’t place your bets yet. Just like Signal was flooded with sign-ups after the WhatsApp privacy policy scandal, so has DuckDuckGo’s popularity increased.

This month, the engine got 100 million search queries a day – a record, believe me. And last year they saw a 60% install growth. That’s no joke! Can they be a threat to the Google giant? Is it a Goliath – David situation? 

Honestly, it’s not that simple. Google still has more than 90% market share in the US, it’s hugely popular and for many, it remains the only search engine you can count on. Its crawler is unbeatable, and the customized results you get make you often feel… special, seen, heard. 

But that’s only because Google keeps your search history, even when you’re signed out. It follows you almost everywhere and fills up half of your first search page with ads. 

It’s the unchallenged gateway to the Internet, unashamed to bring their Android devices to the fight. In the EU, Google allows four other search engines to fight for your heart on Android phones.

You can actually skip Google Search and opt for a different one. But the options you get are not so random. There’s no lottery in place. But an auction.

How is Google putting up at auction these places? Watch the video above to find out!

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