E3 Is Officially Dead: A Final Goodbye From the Organizers of Gaming’s Most Famous Event

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It’s not unexpected, as we wrote in our E3 event coverage, but it’s still painful – E3 is canceled forever.

After years of seeing gaming’s most famous event shifted online, postponed or outright canceled, and after a troubled history with E3 2023 (which never did happen after all), now the organizers finally posted the confirmation that this is the end for the brand.

Writing on X, the team of E3 said that, after more than two decades, it was time to “say goodbye” and thanked attendees for the memories.

When E3 2019 happened, no one knew it would be the final time hundreds of thousands of attendees would watch with bated breath for the biggest announcements in the world of gaming.

Since then, thanks to the pandemic which forced all publishers to hold their own virtual events, the organizers of E3 found it impossible to put on a show like the ones from the past, where each and every major company would be present with their most anticipated games.

As you can see from this final tweet / X post, E3 still had an incredible fanbase. In a few hours, the X post had 8 million views and almost 5k replies, not to mention about 150K likes and retweets.

As someone who reported on E3 for 15 years now, I will admit to a serious bittersweet feeling as well. Goodbye and thanks for all the Doritos!

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