Elon Musk’s AI Just Outplayed the World’s Best Dota 2 Gamers

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From Go to Dota, artificial intelligence has come a long way. While Google’s AlphaGo proved itself against world champions at the Chinese board game, the bot from Elon Musk’ funded OpenAI managed to beat the best players of Dota 2 #machinemagic

At Valve’s annual Dota 2 tournament, a trained bot from OpenAI, the startup backed by Elon Musk and a few others, challenged the world’s best gamers. The AI was trained two weeks to play Dota 2, in which it was said to learn “lifetimes” of game schemes, enough to beat a port. And, sure enough, Musk’ AI crushed pro Danylo “Dendi” Ishutin in a live 1-vs-1 match, to the amazement of those present.

Dota 2 is a pretty complex MOBA game, consisting of two 5 player teams whose goal is to destabilize the other team’s base. There are more than 100 characters to choose from and plenty of items to use to enhance their abilities and by doing so, increase your chances of winning. This makes it a very complex, creative game which would normally be baffling for a computer.

Musk was very aware of that too, gloating on Twitter:

OpenAI is a nonprofit venture that explores the limits of artificial intelligence to prevent it from turning against humans one day and destroying the world as we know it.

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