This VR Experience Lets You Try Skydiving Without Jumping From A Plane

4D virtual reality

Always marveled at the audacity and utter feeling of freedom skydivers must experience when jumping from a plane? Now, you can feel that on your own skin, without slashing the air. Indoor skydiving combined with virtual reality have made for a unique experience you can’t miss this year #realitymagic

Virgin Experience Days and Twinwoods Adventure came together to launch VR4D Skydive, an experience you’ll never forget. Imagine feeling all of the sensations of skydiving thanks to a powerful airflow in a vertical wind tunnel. On top of that, a Samsung Gear VR headset clouds your sight from the indoor walls and offers you the view you’d have if you were above earth, free-falling.

To enhance the experience, visitors will fall at 120mph (193 kmph) for 1 minute, after which they’ll be able to open their parachutes. The locations you can choose from are California, Grand Canyon and Dubai, with more to be added later this year.

Each user will start the session with a briefing and four practice flights before they gear up in jumpsuits, put on parachutes, harnesses and full-face VR skydiving helmets.

This adventure-filled experience costs £85/person and can be a great gift, a trial before you go for the real thing or a way to check one more item from your bucket list, regardless of your fear of heights.

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