Cybertruck Sale, Almost Impossible In This State

I don’t know about you, but we were Cyber-struck with Elon’s courage to reinvent the truck a while back. It felt like a breath of fresh air on a fossil-fueled market. But as time went on, problems piled up and now, Cybertruck is turning into a risky move, even a bad bet for some of us. One of them is size, a thing he talked about in a Jay Leno’s Garage show.

In the Jay Leno episode CNBC aired today, we see Leno test driving the Cybertruck with Musk on his right. At one point, Tesla’s boss says the production truck will resemble the show car. Proportions will be much the same, although at least 5% smaller all around. Why smaller? Because otherwise, it wouldn’t fit in a garage! I’d add, it would be a hassle to drive on the city streets. 

A smaller Cybertruck was a relief! Until… Musk came back on Twitter and said that, realistically, there was no way to do that. Not even 3% smaller. What you see is what you get. 

But hey, who cares about parking and driving in the city, all those practical things?! You should be happy you get the chance to own such a badass truck! Bullet-proof and all.

It’s true, Cybertruck is much more than just a “macho truck”, more than a toy to show off. It’s an EV truck with a single, double, or triple motor that can reach between 250 – 500 miles or so and tow 14,000 pounds. It has more thick skin than many pickups out there right now and a panoramic view that almost justifies the $70,000 price.  

It’s futuristic but it has potential; coupled with Tesla’s huge success and Elon’s leadership skills, and it’s no wonder people want in. Matter of fact, entire states want in. 

Although he has a baby and a partner, Musk found himself as The Bachelor of the year – not in the TV show, but in real life, with Oklahoma, Texas, and Florida fighting over him and his Tesla plant. 

Tulsa even turned their Golden Driller statue into a 75-foot Elon Musk with a Tesla logo on his shirt! What cities won’t do for a rose… 

Musk looks pretty aloof right now, not giving in and not yet ready to part with Cali. If you don’t know, his fight with Alameda County officials began this whole woo-ing session. 

The authorities forced the Tesla factory in Fremont to stay closed, even as nearby counties lifted off the restrictions. This made Musk furious and he filed a lawsuit to get their factory reopened again. Not before he threatened to move his operations to Texas or Nevada. 

With Tesla now “on the market”, the courtship began. As reckless as Musk is on Twitter sometimes, he never let anything slip, so there’s no way of knowing if he’ll move his Cybertruck plant. But there’s a big chance Texas could convince him to do it.

And, guys, that would be a pity for all of us!    

See why in the video above!

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