Enhanced Open-Source N95 Mask Design Released For 3D Printing

Enhanced Open-Source N95 Mask Design Released For 3D Printing

Important: copper3D has issued a statement emphasizing that NanoHack is not a medical device that has undergone laboratory testing, lacking FDA, EU, ISO or other certifications. It is also not a “finished product to be used”, as it has to be cleaned, post-processed, polished and sealed in order to work properly. However, the company will be soon releasing a complete tutorial including the correct use of the modular filter system.

Fear is what triggers our survival instinct, especially in times like these, when our lives are at stake. That means we’re likely to do our best to make sure we are safe and taken care of, stocking up on food and medical supplies, such as masks or surgical gloves. Unfortunately, this has led to a shortage of masks which prompted 3D printing companies to aid in producing more. One company, in particular, went the extra mile and designed an enhanced version of the popular N95 mask, releasing the design while at it.

Copper 3D, the Chilean manufacturer that has raised two NASA funds to study the antimicrobial capabilities of their materials on the International Space Station (ISS), put their genius to work.

They have created a N95 mask that is antiviral, reusable, modular, washable, recyclable and low-cost! Best of all, Copper 3D released the model so it can be downloaded anywhere in the world.

We feel that we have a great responsibility as a company and we wanted this design to be as similar as possible to a standard N95, which is what is suggested in this type of emergency with viral infections. I think the result is excellent and will be of great use to millions of people.

In these difficult times, it is now that united and collaborating each other, we can find solutions to cope with this pandemic, all together. I´m totally convinced that using our minds, ideas, innovation and technology we will find new ways to tackle this virus”.

says Claudio Soto MD – Medical Director of Copper3D

NanoHack, the improved N95 mask, is open-source and patent pending. the mask should be easy to 3D print by any desktop printer of the FDM / FFF type. It is important, however, that you do so using the copper3D’s antimicrobial printing materials!

To download the STL files, go here. The printing specifications can be found here.

As you can see, Copper 3D created an entire website dedicated to #hackthepandemic. Time to join, isn’t it?

Update 3/23: The correct links for STL download and printer specifications have been added. Information regarding the proper materials to be used has been added, as well. copper3D’s entire statement for their community has been linked.

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