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eSight 3, The Headset That Allows Legally Blind People To See Again

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Geordi LaForge’s unique VISOR is now a reality. A company developed a headset that helps legally blind people see the world around them once more. The eSight 3 could be a great no-side-effects solution for those with macular degeneration #objectmagic

eSight 3 is equipped with a liquid lens technology that helps an integrated camera focus very fast, at less than 1 millisecond (an achievement only the human eye can boast now). The camera then works with an OLED display, optical prisms and more to show full color video images and in doing that, overcome the cause of that user’s vision loss.

Generally speaking, people who suffer from macular degeneration, diabetes complications, optic atrophy, Stargardt’s disease can expect the best results with the headset, although CEO Brian Mech encourages everybody to give it a go, since it’s bound to improve at least other eye conditions. See here the list of conditions it works for.

The headset is also going to enable users to participate in various activities that require peripheral vision thanks to a “bioptic tilt” technology. This will ensure balance and prevent nausea. Since no two eye conditions are the same, the wearer can adjust the headset according to its needs with a special controller. That way, the contrast can be boosted, objects can be augmented and even more light can be brought in an evening scene.

For more details on how to acquire this device and use it, go here.

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