MaskFone is A Face Mask That Lets You Play Music

I remember the first days of quarantine. When in a panic, people burst into stores, filling their baskets with food and essential items and pharmacies ran out of face masks, prompting textile factories to come to the rescue. Since then, there have been a plethora of companies manufacturing face masks and startups devising alternatives that could be used as a many-in-one. But I haven’t seen one quite like MaskFone yet.

Binatone, a UK telecommunication company, is pursuing a different avenue this year. An audio and smart home company, Binatone has announced at CES 2021 the MaskFone, a face mask with built-in microphone and lightweight earbuds.

Basically, instead of fighting to separate headset wires from mask ear elastics while out, you can wear this health and wearable product.

Safety-wise, MaskFone is equipped with multi-layered protection and 3 included PM2.5 filters.

As far as audio goes, Binatone says the earbuds have environmental noise cancelation features, IPX5 rating, offer 12 hours of playtime, with the controls hidden inside. There’s also voice projection powered by the Hubble Connect app for clear audio and no interruptions.

“With Amazon Alexa embedded into the app, the possibilities for Hubble to
aid your every need becomes a reality”, reads a Binatone press release.

When not listening to music or making calls, simply pull the cable clip to
hold the earbuds with the magnetic earbud holder to keep them in place.

MaskFone will show on Amazon and Target this February, at $49.99.

And, that’s not all. MegaFone by MaskFone is a subsequent product that will be fully equipped with a detachable voice projector for a “walkie talkie” mode. No more having to ask someone to repeat their sentences anymore.

The MegaFone uses Mesh Network that gives you the ability to pair with other MegaFone masks, no smartphone needed.

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MaskFone is A Face Mask That Lets You Play Music
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