MagSockets? Indeed, PopSockets Is Going Magnetic For iPhone 12

MagSockets? Indeed, PopSockets Is Going Magnetic For iPhone 12

It’s a no brainer, really. What, exactly? That PopSockets would go magnetic after iPhone 12’s debut.

This CES 2021, PopSockets announced their famous PopGrip with a new twist. Instead of committing to sticking them to your iPhone or iPhone case and opting for a PopSockets’ special wireless charger, you can use them with MagSafe without a worry.

The MagSafe version of the product has a larger base, as you can see in the photo above, features a no-slip rubber bottom and a swappable top.

It attaches magnetically to the phone/phone case and is compatible with PopSockets PopMount 2 phone mounts, including PopMount 2 for MagSafe..

What are those?

Other accessories from PopSockets with MagSafe in mind. The PopMounts can help you position the phone in the car and on a variety of surfaces at home.

Also, PopSockets debuted PopWallet+ MagSafe, a customizable wallet that allows users to carry up to three cards on the backside of their phone and features an integrated grip.

The cards are, of course, protected with a “shield” against magnetic damage.

The standard PopGrip and PopWallet+ are the first to come out to market this Spring. The PopGrip Slide Stretch (that attaches to the sides of phone cases) will show up at the end of March and the PopGrip Slide (specifically designed with Apple silicone cases in mind) in May.

If It Has a Camera, We Know Something About It.

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MagSockets? Indeed, PopSockets Is Going Magnetic For iPhone 12
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