Facebook Announces Special Messenger Stickers Focusing on Mental Health


Though we are now more connected than we’ve ever been before in history, a lot of us still feel lonely. Some critics call smartphones ‘digital prisons’ in the sense that they alienate and isolate us from our peers. In honor of World Mental Health Day, one of the companies who often got the most criticism for mental health in the digital age, Facebook, is trying to raise public awareness about it. 

The company has donated large sums of money to organizations who are involved in the treatment of mental health-related issues and, in addition to that, it has partnered up with the World Health Organization (WHO) and created a set of stickers for Messenger dubbed “Let’s Talk”. Using a new sticker will get Facebook to donate $1 to groups of mental health organizations from all over the world. The company stated that it plans to donate around $1 million dollars altogether. 

The stickers are intended to help people who might be struggling with mental health seek help from their friends or relatives via Facebook. The sticker pack contains messages such as “Let’s Talk” and “You Are Not Alone,” or “Feeling Alone” and “Got A Sec?” that people can send to those they trust the most, if they feel the need to talk. 

According to a Facebook report, 80% of people feel more comfortable communication situations of emotional stress and more though messages rather than face-to-face so, even though this option might seem a little strange at first, a lot of people who might not feel confident talking to someone in person might actually welcome it. 

Facebook however, insists that, if you or someone you know feels like they need professional help, the best solution still is to contact local, state, federal or international organizations as soon as possible. 

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