Facebook Messenger Can Tell Friends Where You Are At Any Given Time

facebook messenger live location

Trying to save face when you’re about to be late at a meeting again? Well, blaming the traffic might not get you out of trouble this time around. Starting today, Facebook has released “live location”, a Messenger feature that can tell friends exactly where you are, at any given time #softwaremagic

Before you start panicking, there’s one bright side to this social nightmare: it’s optional. You can opt to show friends where you are on Apple Maps and how long it’s going to take until you meet them or not. Thing is, they might still force you to do it, simply by asking “nicely” to pin-point your live location.

How does it all happen?

In your group or one-on-one Messenger chat, you’ll see the Location icon at the far left of the bar (check the More icon if it doesn’t appear). Simply tap it and the map will appear with your name on it. If you have to share it or want to for your own security, tap the blue bar. Your location will be shared with the other person(s) for the next 60 minutes. Thankfully, you can also tap Stop Sharing.

The option can also offer an estimate on how long the car drive will take until you get to the meeting (an ETA seen by those you share your live location with). Also, there’s a small clock keeping score of the minutes passing until Live Location disappears.

Another thing you can do, says Facebook, is to share a static point on a map, like a restaurant or coffee shop. Once you’re in the Location screen, you will be able to see the red pin. Search the destination you’re after and place it there; then, tap Send.

Facebook is rolling out Live Location globally, on iOS and Android. That said, play with the feature at your own risk.

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