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Fingerprint Scanning System Can Also Detect Pulse Biometrics

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Two-in-one biometric systems for reinforced security?! Yes, companies will present this and more biometrics trends at Mobile World Congress, the event we have been waiting impatiently for a while now.  Goodix has big plans for this edition – they will showcase a multimodal biometric system and wearable tech for cardiac analysis.

Goodix’ approach involves an advanced fingerprint scanning system that detects pulse biometrics for the final purpose of improving security, of course. As more smartphones enable fingerprint authentication, it’s clear that in the following years the focus will be on added security systems, keeping the ones that do work and are user-friendly on mass-market devices.

As part of their cardiac biometrics research efforts, Goodix is also planning to unveil a smart earbud that can track pulse rate. This health device marks their first step into the field of wearables.

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