First Amazon-Branded Grocery Store To Open Soon
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First Amazon-Branded Grocery Store To Open Soon

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If you read this title and thought about Amazon Go or Whole Foods, we don’t blame you. However, this Amazon grocery store seems to be the first they’re branding as such. Here’s what we know.

Amazon just confirmed that they will indeed open a new grocery store but that it won’t be under the Whole Foods umbrella. This means most likely it will be their first Amazon-branded grocery store, a theory partially confirmed by their job listings.

The store is set to open in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, just where there sed to be a Toys R Us shop. If you ask us, it will be a fully-fledged store, not just a pop-up shop.

Tech-wise, don’t expect the magic of cashierless shopping like in Amazon Go stores. There will ne none of that here. So what will set this shop apart?

If Wall Street Journal is on the right track, it will have a “variety of products” at a “lower price point” than Whole Foods. Amazon is definitely targeting a different demographic with this new project and the low price point will clearly attract people.

As any new chain, the Amazon grocery stores are set to extend to Chicago and Philadelphia. As for the Los Angeles one, that store will open its doors next year.

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