First Look: Nüwa City, the Proposed Capital of Mars

An international design studio just revealed first pics of their take on Nüwa City, the proposed capital of Mars.

The capital of the Red Planet is completely self-sustainable, thanks to air purification systems, indoor land irrigation, and temperature control. With input from astrophysicists, botanists, architects, and other experts, the city was imagined as a vertical space, built into the rock, to be protected from meteorites while still having access to indirect sunlight.

Why Nüwa? That was the name of the mythological Chinese goddess that took Humans under their care, melting five stones to give robust societal pillars. Main activities happen in “macro-buildings” built inside the cliffs, where people would presumably live and work, connected to others through a 3D network of tunnels.

As the tunnels reach the vertical wall of the cliff, travelers will uncover the Green Domes, parks for recreational activities as well as botanical research centers.

In case you were wondering what’s on the top of these buildings, as they are designed vertically, Abiboo studio explains: “The highest point of the cliff is the Mesa. This vast plain contains the infrastructure dedicated to manufacturing, food production, and energy generation. Agricultural and energy production facilities require direct access to sun radiation but do not need a shield from radiation, as only maintenance personnel and robotics will be operating there.”

When the moment comes, how will people get to Nüwa?

Abiboo studio has thought of that too: “For settlers, one Mars ticket will have an approx. the price tag of $300K and it includes a one-way trip, one residential unit of ~25-35 m2/person, full access to common facilities, all life support services & food, and a binding work contract to devote between 60% and 80% of their work time to tasks assigned by the city.” 

Sounds good?

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