Fisker Ocean's California Mode Turns the SUV Into a Convertible

Fisker Ocean’s California Mode Turns the SUV Into a Convertible


The startup’s electric Fisker Ocean SUVs are on their way and it will arrive in the metal at CES 2020 next month, but fans can already pre-order it.

The company revealed more information regarding what the California Mode does and said that the driver can push one button to roll back two roof panels, six side windows, and the rear hatch’s glass, turning it into a convertible. Of course, to make the typically sealed third side open, the company’s engineering team had to come up with a way to make create a space for a window to roll down, which involved considerable efforts.

There’s also practicality in the rear hatch’s glass drop-down, as now, drivers will be able to hang a surfboard out the back, for example.

The even greater news is that every Ocean SUV will come up with the California Mode as standard equipment. 

We don’t know the price exactly, but the company is now focusing on its flexible lease scheme – for $379 per month you can benefit from the Ocean without any contract. However, keep in mind this will require a $2,999 downpayment.

If It Has a Camera, We Know Something About It.

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