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Focal Stellia Luxury Headphones Retail for $3,000


If the name Focal rings a bell, that’s because you heard of the French company in the context of its high-end speakers. Focal started making headphones back in 2016, when they introduced Utopia with the eye-watering price tag of $4,000.

The Utopia model was widely regarded, at the time as one of, if not the highest-quality pair of headphones on the market. And I believe it still ranks pretty high even after all this time.

The company is now back with its successor, dubbed Stellia. These headphones arrive in Mocha or Cognac color variants with 40mm pure beryllium dome drivers that feature copper voice coils, bringing the headphones to a weight of 435 grams.

They offer exclusive electrodynamic speaker drivers that can work a low acoustic load, all while offering an extensive frequency response of 5Hz – 40kHz. They offer a low impedance at 35 ohms, which allow the listener to experience a pure, unadulterated sound everywhere.

The Stellia comes with two sets of cables, as a bundle: a one 10-foot cable with an XLR plug and a 4-foot with a 3.5mm plus and a 6.4mm adapter.

Of course, it’s all about comfort: Stellia features leather ear pads and headband and by all accounts, they isolate sound beautifully and deliver an immersive audio experience in amazing detail, just like their predecessor.

Unlike their predecessor though, these are cheaper, but still quite pricey for most of us to impulse-buy. They cost $3,000 in the US while in the UK and Australia you will find them on the shelves with price tags of £2,799 and AU$4,499, respectively.

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