Alibaba And Ford Show Off Giant Vending Machines For Cars

car vending machine alibaba

At the end of last year, Chinese e-commerce conglomerate Alibaba announced it was planning to sell cars out of huge vending machines and had struck a deal with Ford to sell electric vehicles in China. While both seemed incredible and years away, these statements will ring true sooner than expected. Thanks to their collaboration, fifteen hybrid Ford vehicles will be introduced to China by 2025 and the car vending machine is now operational.

Officially called the Super Test Drive Center, the car vending machine sports dozens of Ford-made vehicles all ready to be picked up by drivers through the Tmail app. Users can test drive up to five cars a month for three days each and decide afterwards whether or not to purchase. Those who have good history using Alibaba’s services will also be offered a variety of discounts and incentives. 

Edit 5/15/18

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