Ford’s Digit Robot Plans To Become The Delivery Man Of The Future

ford digit delivery robot

Ford has joined forces with Agility Robotics in creating Digit, a humanoid robot that can deliver your packages from a delivery car directly to your doorstep. 

The robot is built out of lightweight material and can lift packages that weigh up to 40 pounds, can go up and down stairs and walk nice and straight even on uneven terrain in addition to being able to keep its balance even if it bumps into something. 

Digit can be folded up in the back of an autonomous delivery vehicle and can deploy and unfurl itself out to complete the package delivery. The autonomous vehicle can send Digit all the information it needs in order to help it orient itself in the new environment and reach the door safely. 

The robot is equipped with a LiDAR and a few stereo cameras, a combination that will help it navigate its surroundings more easily, but if it would run into any kind of trouble, it will simply relay the information to the vehicle and get the car’s assistance into coming up with a solution for whatever predicament it might find itself in. 

How long until we’ll see Digit on our doorstep? Ford has not been clear on that for now but we’re looking forward to the time when we’ll be welcoming this mechanical delivery man to our doorsteps. 

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