Forgot Your iPhone Passcode? The Only Thing That Works

Too hungover to remember your passcode? Or it’s simply a case of numbers that are impossible to keep in mind? No worries. There is one thing you can do to access your iPhone even when its passcode is slipping through your fingers.

Before you start following our tutorial there is one tiny thing to remember – only a backed up iPhone can be saved. Or at least, this trick only works if you’ve been diligent about backing up your iPhone.

How To Unlock an iPhone if You Forgot the Passcode

First, turn off your phone – really. It may seem counterintuitive considering all you want to do is access your iPhone and get pass the passcode screen but trust us, this is is the first step towards using your iPhone again.

What you also want to have nearby, as you turn it off, is a Lightning cable and a computer.

You do? Perfect! Hold the power button down, plug in the cable and don’t move your finger before the Apple logo disappears and a laptop icon appears.

As the two devices are connected, you will be prompted by your computer to restore your iPhone. Click that button and you’ll be able to access your phone again as it restores to factory settings.

Ta-da – you’ve just levelled up to Apple Genius!

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