Former Tesla Execs Put A Price On Futuristic Lucid Air EV Car

lucid air

At the end of last year, former Tesla execs announced their first electric car to come out of Lucid Motors, Lucid Air. Gorgeous, with futuristic details, the car won many hearts on the spot. The only problem was the elevated price for the base model. After months of speculations and negotiations, the company cleared the air revealing the final pricing and features for the silver Tesla rival #automagic

It appears that the base model for Lucid Air electric car will cost a bit less than Tesla Model S. Before applying the federal tax credit available to buyers of battery electric vehicles, Lucid Air should cost $60,000 while Model S comes at $70,000. Besides the more convenient price offering, Lucid Air has a better mile range – 240 vs the 215 mile range. As far as the other features go, you’ll have to decide which car (Tesla or Lucid) suits you better.

So, the Lucid Air base model comes with 400 horsepower (rear-wheel drive), aluminum roof, two trunks (front + rear), four screens, with interactive-touch surfaces on three, 10-speaker system and “all hardware necessary for autonomous driving”. Lucid Motors says their vehicles will come with a sensor suit able to take the cars to full autonomy in steps, with each software upgrade.

Of course, you can step up your car game by adding up to 1,000 horsepower (all wheel drive) that can enable almost 400 miles of range. Plus, you can replace the aluminum roof with a “panoramic sunroof“, meaning all glass. The back seats can be swapped by “executive massage” ones that recline to 55 degrees – this is going to be a big perk for parents. The audio system can be upgraded to a 29-speaker version with active noise cancellation and enhanced cabin isolation.

lucid air sunroof

Both models have a unique design, using thousands of micro-lenses for headlights. By the way, these should adapt automatically, depending in what mode you are driving.

lucid air lights

So, when are the cars going to hit the road? So far, company representatives have pointed to a 2018 production start. The rest is everybody’s guess.

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