Fortnite Brings Free Stormtrooper Costume for Jedi: Fallen Order
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Fortnite Brings Free Stormtrooper Costume for Jedi: Fallen Order

Image: YpuTube

Because it is almost time for Jedi: Fallen Order, Fortnite came up with a crossover meant to synchronize with it, a Star Wars-themed event.

It comes in the form of an impressive stormtrooper cosmetic skin and if you are a fan, you can get it from Fortnite’s item store, or even better – for free when buying EA’s Star Wars game on the Epic Games Store. 

Lately, Fortnite has turned into a veritable key promotional venue, with titles like Avengers, Borderlands 3, and many more. At the previous crossover events, there have been introduced new stuff like custom maps, or even new cosmetic items, and the last Avengers crossover came up with a whole new game featuring one of a kind superhero-inspired weapons.

So if you are already planning on buying the new game, the Star Wars game costume will come as a gift.

It remains to be seen whether Epic will come with something new this December for the Episode IX.

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