New Songs In Rock Band? This Month, It Will Be for the Very Last Time


During the past sixteen years, Rock Band has amassed almost 3,000 songs but that humongous catalog will stop growing this month.

Harmonix, the developer of the beloved music game franchise, announced they’re pulling the plug on all new DLC for Rock Band, after supporting it for a decade and a half.

It’s an incredible achievement for games, especially ones who rely heavily on DLC and who most of the time end up as abandonware as developers move on to their new project.

Daniel Sussman, Harmonix’s rep, also expressed the same sentiment in the announcement post:

“Taking a longer look back, I see the Rock Band DLC catalog as a huge achievement in persistence and commitment.

Over the years we’ve cleared, authored and released nearly 3,000 songs as DLC and well over 3,000 if you include all the game soundtracks. That’s wild,” he wrote.

Harmonix as a developer was bought by Epic Games in 2021. It has since brought its expertise to Fortnite, doing a Rock Band-like minigame called Fortnite Festival, and planning to add support for actual Rock Band instruments.

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So, what about the last Rock Band songs? We don’t know what Harmonix will launch but the company did say that the final weeks of new Rock Band DLCs will have some “tear jerkers that sum up our feelings about this moment”.

The last downloadable batch of songs is planned for January 25th, so we’ll see soon enough what those are. Rock Band 4 live services will continue, of course.

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