Four Robots That Fit Right Into Your Home And One That Kicks Ass At Scrabble

If you asked us right now what was the tech that most impressed us at CES 2018… we’d take ages to answer. But the most fun one was definitely at a robotics booth. The Consumer Electronics Show was an opportunity to interact with the latest, cutest, smartest home robots and assistants. We’d take home at least four of them and play Scrabble with the fifth #machinemagic

Abilix made us stop in our tracks with their fidgety Oculus bot, a fellow that looked a lot like Eve from Wall-E. It’s the perfect companion to creative children who want to learn about programming and students that need a chance to experiment with C language or Java.

On another corner, EO1, a penguin-looking bot, was distributing brochures to visitors with enthusiasm. We learned it was created to socialize with the moodiest people in mind, so it’s capable of playing music and movies.

AvatarMind, a four-year old company, put a smile on our face with their troops. A bunch of colorful bots – who reminded us of Teletubbies – started dancing around showing no signs of stage fright. The humanoid bots have built-in cameras and obstacle collision avoidance software to monitor kids, pets and generally, your home when you’re not there. AvatarMind said these IPAL robots will start shipping in China in the first quarter of 2018.

We found Robelf equally cute – a multi-camera security bot that will patrol your house when you tell it to and recharges automatically. So, you see, most of the robots at CES 2018 are more Chappy-like than Ultron. Even the stoic ITRI, capable of 3D vision recognition and eye-hand coordination, is quietly determined to kick ass at Scrabble. It will, by the way, if you’re not a champion at the game.

Speaking of robotic advancements, have you seen this one passing China’s medical exam?!

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