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CES 2018: Sennheiser Breaks The Norm With Glass Closed-Back Headphones

sennheiser HD 820

For many audiophiles, Sennheiser products are pretty much a must-have. The company is a reliable source for premium headphones, although at a steep price. So, we weren’t at all surprised to see them at CES 2018, although their current proposal is kind of unexpected. Sennheiser unveiled a pair of glass-covered closed-back headphones for this year. Normally, we wouldn’t recommend a glass gadget but honestly, this pair is too good to pass up #soundmagic

Sennheiser HD 820 is the company’s solution to awful resonance. The headphones retain the exposed metal look Sennheiser goes for with its designs, but covers the audio drivers with two panels of curved Gorilla Glass. The overlay keeps the gadget’s Ring Radiator transducers protected. Sennheiser isn’t afraid to call HD 820 a game-changer by being able to reflect the sound waves into special absorber chambers.

In doing so, the audio remains clear and authentic to the original recording session. This sleek, modern look is completed by a metal headband and new earpads. Synthetic leather and microfiber were used in their construction to completely insulate the listener from the outside world. You’ll also notice that the standard 3.5mm audio plug was replaced by a slightly larger 4.4mm Pentaconn connector.

sennheiser HD 820 headphones

If these sound like the perfect addition to your sound equipment, avoid investing in a super expensive summer vacation. The German company has told us that the model is coming in early summer at a teeth-clenching price. In Europe, HD 820 will sell for €2,399, while in U.S. they’ll go for $2,399. 

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