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Future Drone Spies Can Now Get Through Tiny Windows Autonomously

Specialists from the University of Pennsylvania developed a drone capable of making its way through narrow windows without external help. Considering the majority of cases in which drones can execute aggressive maneuvers only in large, open spaces, this was no easy feat #actionmagic

The small, 250 gr quadrotor is the result of six years of research. At the end of them, the drone is capable of flying through narrow windows “requiring accelerations up to 1.5 g and roll and pitch angles up to 90 degrees with velocities of 5 m/s”. That means the drone can fly at an inclination of 45 degrees, for example, with no problem.

More impressive is the fact that the drone in question has just one on-board camera, sensors and a computer chip to make the flight safely. All the estimation tasks and control planning were solved based on the info provided by the camera and IMU. No external motion capture systems helped in the process.

The demonstration above is a good example of what could end up as a successful search-and-rescue mission or even a police-enforced one.



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