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Smart Cube Transforms Your Cabinets Into Safes

Smart Cube

You’re renting the apartment over the weekend or you just got a new roommate. Now, the question is how to keep your private stuff, private. Sounds familiar? It’s awkward to tell people to keep out of your room  but in the same time, how could you not? Giving keys to your cabinets seems like a bit of an ordeal, so why not give this gadget a try? Smart Cube is a Bluetooth-activated lock #objectmagic

Small and portable, Smart Cube can attach to the interior of any closet, drawer or cabinet with simple tape. Every time someone will try to take a peek, Smart Cube will let you know with a phone notification. This way, you’ll know who to trust and who is too curious for their own good. On the other hand, you can customize the gadget to unlock for certain friends that come over or even set a range in which your phone is discoverable so Smart Cube stays unlocked for you.

Smart Cube App

It seems like a no-hassle security system that will avoid awkward conversations while keeping everything you want out of other people’s reach. It works for shared apartments, AirBnb deals, business owners with nosy assistants, as well as for parents who need to keep their small children away from chemical substances (detergents, etc.).

Smart Cube can be found on IndieGogo at $69.

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