Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: Beans Aren't That Bad, After All
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Galaxy Buds Live: Beans Aren’t That Bad, After All

I don’t know how many of us were fans of beans as kids or even now, but Samsung is starting to make us reconsider our tastes. At least, see the bean shape in a different light, as their ANC wireless earbuds were announced today at the digital Unpacked event.


Galaxy Buds Live showed up today, in three colors that we’ve seen online for the past couple of weeks: black, white and bronze. True to all renders and leaks, they have an unusual shape and zero in-ear tips or any other type of seal.

That begs the question: how good are they at isolating noise? Obviously, that’s subjective and in any case, a definitive answer can be given after a full review, but you should know Samsung is doing noise cancellation a bit differently from its competitors.

The Buds Live cancel very low, constant frequencies such as the sound of an approaching train but they let most other sounds through.

As for ambient sound… well, that’s missing entirely. You’ll have to accept that voices will reach you eventually and if you can’t, you can always turn to the Galaxy Buds Plus.

How much will they last? Six hours if you’ve got ANC enabled and if you disable it, you’ll gain two more.

One thing to be cautious about: water resistance. These are only IPX2 certified, so pull them off if you’re caught in a summer rain.

The Galaxy Buds Live become available tomorrow, at the price of $169.99.

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