Galaxy Note 9 Leaked Images Show Blue and Gold Model

Credit: Evan Blass

We’re less than a month away from the official launch of the Galaxy Note 9 and there are already two new leaks out there! These appear to be the very first proper images of Samsung’s new flagship phone.

The first is a press photo leaked by Evan Blass, which showcases the blue and gold color scheme of the phone, next to the highly anticipated S Pen. Word is the phone and the pen will come in five more colors, but the gold and blue might be the color theme for this year’s Note 9.

The other two images were posted and subsequently deleted by a Twitter user and show the device covered in scratches and cracks. The photo also suggest that the Galaxy Note 9 will have the same fingerprint sensor underneath the camera, like the Galaxy S9 model.

I admit that the ‘do not leak‘ sticker really takes the photos high up there on my list of favorite leaked images this year.


Now that we have all this, we only need patience to see what Samsung has to offer for certain. The official launch of the smartphone will take place on August 9.

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