GameStop Announces New Policies to Stop Spread of COVID-19

GameStop Announces New Policies to Stop Spread of COVID-19


Last week we reported that GameStop was trying to keep its stores open in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and government moves to implement social distancing practices. In particular, GameStop has labeled itself an “essential business” to justify remaining open. However it seems as if their tune has changed as they have announced they will essentially be closing their stores.

In a press release from the company, GameStop announced stores will remain open for reduced hours from 12-8pm, but they will only be letting employees inside the stores. Instead, they will be implementing a “contactless delivery service called [email protected]” Customers can order games online and a GameStop employee will bring out the product to your car. During this time, GameStop will not accept returns and exchanges as well as product trade-ins.

Additionally, GameStop has announced more worker friendly policies for their employees. They have announced they will pay “all U.S. employees impacted by [the COVID-19 pandemic] an additional two weeks at their regular pay” and allowed employees to choose not to come to work if they do not feel comfortable. And, finally, GameStop has committed to supplying stores with disinfectants and hand sanitizers (although the availability of these products may made it difficult to provide).

Overall, GameStop finally acquiesced to public health officials, their customers, and their employees by changing how their business is run during this pandemic. While not closing their doors completely, these new policies will hopefully make it harder to spread the virus and give employees some flexibility in prioritizing public health as well as their own health and safety over their job and need to continue providing for themselves and family at this time.

For more information on COVID-19, please see the CDC website.

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