Get Ready VR Enthusiasts: Oculus Quest Set to Ship Spring 2019

Credit: Oculus / Facebook

It’s now official: Oculus has announced its newest headset during the Oculus Connect virtual reality conference. It has been dubbed the Oculus Quest and it is set to launch in the spring of 2019.

The Quest was previously known as Project Santa Cruz and it will share some similarities with the Oculus Touch, such as the use of similar motion controllers. It has four wide-angle cameras for positional tracking.

It holds 50 titles worth of ‘Rift-quality’ experiences with familiar games like Moss or The Climb. As a bonus, you will also get a cinematic Star Wars 6DOF experience which was designed specifically for the headset’s launch.

Just like the Oculus Rift, the Quest has a 1600 x 1440 resolution per eye but the users do have the option to adjust lens spacing. It also comes with built-in speakers that, allegedly, have an improved bass.

It’s supposed to support around 4000 square feet of space, so you can have a good walk around wearing it. It sports the same button layout like the Rift Touch, except for the tracking ring, which loops above your hands and not below them.

The headset will come with two handheld controllers and the headset, alongside those two controllers, will have a price tag of $399.

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