VR Health Joins Forces With Oculus To Deliver Better Patient Healthcare

Credit: VR Health

You might not have heard about VRHealth but they have been around for a while and their virtual reality experiences to keep us healthy and to offer comfort for patients who have to undergo particularly troublesome treatments.

According to their website, VRHealth is the very first certified Virtual Reality medical company in the world, with all their Medical Applications FDA authorized. Their main focus is on “motor cognitive, physical, psychological, postural ability and pain assessment and treatment”.

They collect and examine patient data via artificial intelligence and cloud-computing algorithms and thus aid the healthcare providers in giving their patients the best experience they can and also offer them personalized treatments.

VRhealth even offers wellness apps that can be bought directly from the company’s website. They guide the users through both physical as well as memory exercises and then, VRHealth collects the data about their performance, which they can view in order to track their progress.

Today, the company announced they will be partnering with Oculus in order to deliver the best health solutions via the Oculus products.

Virtual Reality solutions have the potential to be transformative for the healthcare industry since the immersive experience and ability to monitor progress has enormous potential benefits for patients, doctors, and healthcare facilities.


The company wants to use the Oculus Go and the Oculus Rift to offer VR solutions to a number of health challenges like pain management for birthing mothers or cancer patients that are going through chemotherapy and even make use of the system to help patients manage their anxiety before and after surgeries.

How? According to VRHealth, the headsets will provide an environment where the patients can experience their treatment in a more positive manner, perhaps even getting them to have fun along the way and forget, for a while, they’re even in a hospital, or under treatment.

Through the collaboration, VRHealth is expanding its platform for home use as well and the customers can choose from three different plans: 20 sessions for $5 a month, 50 sessions for $10 a month or unlimited sessions for $19 a month.

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