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Looking for some tech gift ideas that might make the #stayathome orders a lot easier to follow? Or to make the work from home office nicer?

We rounded up the best gadgets, from great audio gear to wearables and awesome hobby tools, so you can find the best gift for loved ones this year.

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Natural Sunlight Smart Lamp

smart lamp apple homekit compatible

With the days so short and everyone stuck indoors, it’s easy to start hating the alarm or oversleep.

That’s why a smart lamp is essential and makes such a great tech gift, no matter who your giftee is.

This smart lamp from Meross supports Apple HomeKit and assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, so it can fit great in any smart home setup and be controlled via voice commands.

It features up to 6500K brightness and 16 million colors, so it can replace an alarm clock and work as ambient lighting to set the mood.

Find it here.

His and Hers Double Sandwich Maker

hamilton beach double sandwich maker

A good night’s sleep should be followed by a great breakfast…especially if it cooks fast.

If your friends have to get up early in the morning and go on work calls, they will definitely appreciate this dual sandwich maker.

It lets you cook the perfect sandwich or bagel in layers, without using grease… and it does it for two people!

With removable parts that are dishwasher safe, this is one smart kitchen gadget.

Order it here.

TiVo Stream 4K


Who doesn’t love a good binge-watch? But with so many different streaming apps and sources, it’s a lot of hassle to see everything in one place.

Here comes TiVo Stream 4K to solve that issue…on the cheap!

This little Android TV dongle and remote gathers all your streaming apps and services in one place. 

Then, it provides incredibly accurate recommendations based on your entire watch history. Read our review to see for yourself why it’s such a good dongle.

Best of all, you can usually snag a deal that gives you Sling TV and HBO Max discounts.

Order it from here.

WiFi Extender

netgear wifi range extender

A smart home, or a home where multiple people have to work remote or attend school, needs one thing first: a WiFi extender.

This little gadget is essential for those who have multiple devices all hogging the router and who like to work from different areas of the house.

One of the best and most affordable WiFi extenders is this one fron Netgear.

It offers coverage up to 1200 square feet and connects to up to 20 devices, from laptops to phones, smart speakers, security setups and more.

It’s also not only universal but extremely easy to set up, with a simple button press.

Get it here.

House of Marley eco-conscious earbuds

house of marley champion earbuds sustainable

In recent years, a lot of us have become aware of environmental issues and do our part to minimize our carbon footprint.

That’s usually particularly hard when it comes to tech, as gadgets are made with plastic and rare metals, and come packaged in a lot of unnecessary extra plastic.

If you want a tech gift from a sustainable brand, check out House of Marley.

Their latest wireless earbuds, the House of Marley Champion, have every spec you might want in a pair of buds, with 8 hours playtime and another 20 hours in the case…and they’re a greener alternative!

Instead of plastic, House of Marley uses renewable bamboo, a natural fiber composite and recycled silicone. Even the packaging is completely recyclable, without having to separate it.

These House of Marley earbuds are already available on Amazon. Buy them here.

Noise-cancelling headphones

mpow jaws bluetooth headphones with neckband

If you want to give headphones as a gift, we highly recommend going for something wireless and with great audio quality – since FaceTime is now the usual social activity.

These Mpow Jaws headphones with a neckband do a great job of balancing features with a budget-friendly price tag.

They have up to 18 hours of playtime, a noise-cancelling microphone, and use Bluetooth 5.0 for crystal clear sound and connection.

Get them here.

Audio Sleep Mask

musicozy audio headband

Another great option is this Bluetooth headband.

It looks like a sports headband and works as one, since it’s made of nylon and spandex and has waterproofing, but it’s a lot more than that.

This audio headband has embedded wireless speakers inside and can play music for up to 8 to 9 hours.

For those having trouble sleeping, this could be an amazing tech gift.

You can pull it over your eyes as a sleep mask and listen to soothing music or a great podcast!

Buy it here.

Smart table

smart table with usb ports

All this sitting at home has done one thing for all of us: exponentially multiplied the gadgets in our home and created lots of clutter.

And now, we’re recommending a tech gift that can actually replace tech clutter!

This smart table is truly smart, as it’s actually multiple devices in one.

First of all, it’s a great sounding bluetooth speaker, with 20W speakers, 360 degrees sound projection and a 3.5 mm AUX input.

You can even move this table around the house without worrying about connecting it to an outlet! The smart table has a 4,000 mAh battery which gives it a 4 hours autonomy for playing music.

Then, this smart table is also an integrated wireless charging station. Just put your iPhone or QI-enabled smartphone or gadget on it and it will start charging. And yes, the i-Box table has regular charging via cable as well.

And the best part?

It’s almost the same price as a regular wooden table from the likes of IKEA.

Check it out here.

Home garden grow lights

sunlight grow lamps with clamp

With all this time on people’s hands, what should they do at home?

Use your Santa skills to bring Spring back into their house!

The home garden grow lights are awesome tech gifts for those who love nature and cooking, as they can be the perfect way to ensure a steady supply of aromatics like basil, parsley or chives.

These lights for indoor plants have LEDS that offer sunlike lighting for all stages of a plant’s growth cycle, with wavelengths between 380-800 nm,

Even better, since they’re adjustable in shape and fixed with clamps, they can be fitted in any place where a plant might need extra care.

Know any friend who went a bit overboard buying plants during the lockdown?

This will definitely light up their day.

Order it from here.

Drawing tracer

smart tracer drawing

This drawing tracer is a fantastic tech gift for kids and adults alike.

It’s a compact tablet that teaches them how to track, copy and draw virtually any image.  Kids can have fun drawing their favorite cartoons and adults can also use it for hobbies like calligraphy, stencilling, tattoo transferring or scrapbooking.

Find it here.

Magnifying headband

magnifying glass headset

And speaking of headwear, this is such an amazing invention for hobbyists and tinkerers of all kinds.

The Rightwell Magnifying Glass with Light is a great wearable gadget that can work as an awesome gift for a lot of people.

With 5 magnifying lenses of up to 3.5 and 2 LEDS to illuminate details, this wearable magnifying glass can help people work easily on tasks which demand precision and attention. From painters to knitters, electricians and engravers, there’s a lot of people who would love one, so why not add it to your cart?

You can order it here.

Sonic scrubber

sonicscrubber brush

In our opinion, the greatest gifts are those that save time…and elbow grease!

We couldn’t help including this amazing SonicScrubber cleaning brush to our tech gifts roundup.

It doesn’t have Alexa, so you can’t talk to it and order it to do the work for you, but it cleans so fast you won’t believe it.

With four heads that can go in any nook and cranny and vibrations that dislodge even the most stubborn dirt, this is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Buy it from here.

Robot vacuum cleaner

yeedy k60 robot vacuum cleaner

Speaking of telling gadgets to do the work for you, we found one of the most affordable and smart robot vacuum cleaners around.

The Yeedi K600 might not have Roomba’s brand recognition but it does have plenty to recommend it.

It has dual brushes to suck in all the dirt (1500 Pa suction power), can climb 15-degree slopes, fall from 15 centimeters and still do the job, and returns to the dock itself to charge.

The Yeedi K600 is also covered in anti-scratch tempered glass, so it will look shiny and new no matter under which furniture it goes.

Find it here.

Interactive dispenser for pets

pawbo pet camera with treat dispenser and laser toy

And lastly, you can’t have so many tech gifts for the humans stuck at home and not include the fur babies too!

This interactive puzzle game for dogs and cats is the best gadget for bored and hyperactive pets.

Since it challenges pets to work for their treats and play with the interactive compartments, this puzzle game for dogs and cats can keep them entertained and even lessen the pets’ destructive behaviors.

Buy it here.

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Best Tech Gifts for Your Home | Gift Guide
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