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Google Announced a New Life-Saving Feature That Lets You Call 911 Without Speaking

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As we await the release of Google’s new Pixel 4, the company is revealing new features that will come with the device.

After recently announcing Motion Sense gesture controls and advanced face unlock, the search giant continues to increase the hype of the upcoming device.

The new feature, available on the Pixel 4 and selected Android phones, will let you call emergency services without speaking. A Google blog post explains how users can send vital information to emergency responders using automated voice service.

Information like the type of assistance needed and the users’ location can be sent to a 911 operator without verbally communicating. Available in the Phone app, users simply have to tap on either Medical, Fire or Police buttons and will be automatically redirected to the operator through an automated voice service.


Police in the US has already launched a program called “Text-to-911”, a service that allows people to text instead of call, in case of emergency. This requires participants to have a data plan, unlike Google’s feature, that works whether the phone has a data connection or not.

Furthermore, users also send a plus code to the responder in the process, that gives the operator a shortcut in locating the device

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