Google Introduces Visual Snapshot Feature For Google Assistant

Credit: Kaufdex/ Pixabay

Google just announced a new feature that will operate within the Google Assistant, called a “visual snapshot”.

Thanks to this feature, it seems that Google Now, which has always been separated from Google Assistant, will merge with the latter.

The feature will come out sometime next week and it will give you a feed of how your day will look like. It will bundle together traffic, upcoming events marked in the calendar, package alerts, bill notification and various travel information such as flights or other holiday reservations. It will even keep in mind to remind you about your movie reservations you might have made.

It will prioritize navigation, but as you scroll down, it will list all the other events of the day.


Google said the feature will expand in time and you will be able to see even notes and to-do lists that are not from Google apps as well.

When the feature will be ready to use, an inbox-looking icon will appear when you call up the Assistant on Android. The iOS users will see it when they launch the app.

The company most likely will want to make sure users will have more of a reason to return to the Assistant and favor it above other apps instead of juggling through their phones, jumping from app to app, and to be honest, for those who already have a hectic schedule, it will be a gift to have around, if it proves to work accurately and smoothly.




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