Google Is Testing A New Voice-Confirmation Feature For Payments In Assistant
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Google Is Testing A New Voice-Confirmation Feature For Payments In Assistant


A new feature in Google Assistant is now available for some users, one that allows the confirmation of payments using your voice. First reported by Android Police, was since confirmed by Google that they are testing out this feature and it’s not certain if it will become widely available.

Google posted a support document, showing how to activate the feature and approve purchases made through your Google Assistant with Voice Match. 

To check if this is possible for you go to Google app -> More -> Settings -> Google Assistant -> You -> Payments. If you are one of the few ‘chosen’ ones the “Confirm with Voice Match” option will be available to toggle on and off. To activate the feature a new setup screen opens, asking for password confirmation. This is where some users already reported crashes, so this is still in very early stages.

Image: Android Police

For now, Voice Match only works for in-app digital purchases through Google Play and restaurant orders. 

Of course, this feature already raised some security concerns, it will remain to see how accurate the voice recognition is. Also, it will be interesting to see if pre-recorded sound clips will work, maybe allowing kids to make sneaky in-game purchases from their parent’s account.

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