Google Maps Will Show You If a Place Has Space for Social Distancing

Google Maps Will Show You If a Place Has Space for Social Distancing

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Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has emerged, Google has been trying to bring its input in making things easier to navigate for people. For those using Google Maps, specifically.

For instance, in June, the company came up with a Maps a feature telling the crowdedness of transit areas and “a tool that shows critical information about COVID-19 cases in an area so you can make more informed decisions about where to go and what to do,” dabbed the COVID 19 layer.

Now, Google wants to cover everything you might need to stay safe out and about during COVID 19 pandemic. The company has announced its next step in supporting people staying informed before leaving their homes by increasing Google Maps’ live busyness information. 

The upcoming upgrade will include essential places, like pharmacies, supermarkets and gas stations worldwide. Moreover, it will also include data on whether parks, beaches, and other public areas.

Additionally, the company wants to use Duplex AI technology to check on businesses and see if they need to update their Maps information as many of them have changed their working hours during the pandemic.

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