Google Pixel 6: These Lucky People Got to Play With It (Video)

Google is being more forthcoming with their Pixel 6 series than ever before. In fact, they’ve already handed the phone over to these lucky people to play with.

Pixel 6 Pro in gold and white as well as Pixel 6 in teal and orange are twisted and turned in a snazzy 30-second clip. It’s the first time we can see the phones in people’s actual hands.

As renders pointed out, the back of the Pixel 6 features a heavy black band where the camera is stored, with a curved edges, and a beautiful display interrupted by a single punch hole camera. The bottom bezels remains thicker than the other three sides.

The other things revealed by the short ad is the focus on more than “smart features”. By asking “What if smartphones weren’t just smart?”, Google is essentially hinting to a new generation of Pixels, enhanced by the power of Tensor, evolving via Material You in Android 12 and adapting to you, probably through Dynamic Color theming.

The messaging is definitely bold and enticing, with a final “For All You Are” tagline as the cherry on top.

Google is clearly answering our increasing need to get more out of our phones but how smart do we want them to become? Do we really want the tech in our hands evolving continuously? Do we really want phones to be more than smart? Where should we draw the line when it comes to larger-than-life tech?

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Google Pixel 6: These Lucky People Got to Play With It (Video)
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