Google Pixel Fold: The Biggest Surprise of 2021?

Pixel 5A didn’t thrill the critics but it certainly made buyers happy. Pixel 6 will probably check both boxes but it’s the Pixel Fold that will make headlines. In fact, I think Pixel Fold will be the biggest surprise of the year and one helluva competitor for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Google Pixel Fold: Release Date

At first, Pixel Fold sounded like wishful thinking, then it became more of a concept for 2022-2023. Now, it seems to be Google’s ace in the sleeve, its best kept secret this year. If Pixel 6 and 6 Pro leaked months before Google came out to confirm the rumors, the Pixel Fold was essentially a ghost – still is, in some ways, but fortunately, we do know a bit more about it. 

For one, Pixel Fold is happening this year. Although Google was stealthier than usual, there are clear signs Pixel Fold will come out by the end of 2021. Some believe it will actually be unveiled at the same time as the Pixel 6 series – I’m not convinced – they will probably delay it by a month, at the least. 

In any case, Google won’t postpone it for fall 2022. Mention of a Passport device has first popped up in the Android 12 beta code in May. The codename literally depicts a form factor that opens like a book.

Pixel Fold: Processor

Then, the few leaks I’ve seen confirm the Pixel Fold will ship with Google’s first ever chip and the same Samsung modem the Pixel 6 will boast. 

Now, I don’t think Google would put a generation old chipset and modem in their first ever foldable. Therefore, a 2021 release is more than probable. 

Plus, to make a splash with your first ever chip, you have to place it in your first ever foldable, right? Right!

You’ll count on 5G for sure, as well as extraordinary performance thanks to the Tensor chip. The processor was made with Samsung’s help and Google is quite proud of it.

The company said it would bring “the most layers of hardware security in any phone.” You can also bet on enhanced AI functions for speech and camera.

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Pixel Fold: Camera

Namely, the kick-ass camera software Pixels already show off will be upgraded! Right now, Google has one of the best computational photography systems for mobile and that’s only going to get better. There’s talk of clearer, DSLR-like photos from Pixels. 

So, even if Pixel Fold doesn’t reimagine the camera module (the hardware part), the software will more than make up for it. 

And, we know that, when it comes to foldables, phone makers aren’t prioritising cameras yet. Samsung has just improved the overall user experience and refined the display… the camera part will come next. 

Google has the odds in its favor. Pixel Fold is likely to be powerful, agile and a dream for photographers… even with a dual or a triple camera borrowed from the Pixel 6 series. 

But that’s not all. 

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Google Pixel Fold: Display, Android Apps, Battery

The phone will definitely impress just as much as the Galaxy Z Fold 3. After all, Google has worked closely with Samsung on the display side and the only Pixel Fold specs we can count on right now involve the screen. 

For example, Pixel Fold will have the same display as Z Fold 3. This implies a 7.6-inches AMOLED one with a dynamic 120Hz refresh rate. That’s the inner folding screen, we’re describing here but you’ll have an external one, too. 

Also, the Android experience on the foldable should be superb. If there’s anyone that can make Android apps move smoothly from a folded screen to an unfolded one… it’s Google!

Pixel Fold will also be the first foldable to receive software updates. And, chances are, we’re gonna squeeze more battery life out of it thanks to the processor. 

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So, guys, Pixel Fold will be a knock-out when it launches. It will be powerful, equally eye-catching as the Z Fold 3, and a total camera wizard. Add to those a seamless user experience and Pixel Fold will become pretty hard to beat! Especially since I believe Google will sell it for less than the price of Galaxy Z Fold 3. With a bit of good luck, we might see it sell for less than $1,000.

Can Pixel Fold compete with Z Fold 3 in the end?

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