You Won’t Be Able To Avoid Instagram Ads Now

Instagram is bringing ads to even more places on its app. And if the ones we’ve seen so far were somewhat avoidable, this ones won’t be.

The Facebook-owned app has decided to take the plunge and insert ads between shoppable products.

The Shop tab that Instagram launched last November will see the introduction of ads in the following weeks. Although unwelcome, let’s say ads seem more natural in an environment that’s focused on purchases. Once you’re in a shopping mindset, what’s one more ad, right?

At least that’s what the company hopes after casually and gradually making sponsored posts possible in places like Stories and Reels.

However, in those video-centric tabs, dynamic ads were skippable. Here you won’t be able to skip them, as ads will show up in photo format.

Between product tiles on the Shop home page, you will start seeing some featuring a little sponsored tab. Depending on your privacy settings, those will more or less meet your buying needs.

While this update helps businesses but not casual users, the sticker Links is a long-awaited feature in the making.

Instagram will finally ditch the Swipe Up feature from stories to replace it with stickers that send users to off-site places. Here is everything you need to know about the feature!

And, if you’re an Instagram newb, make sure you take advantage of the app’s best features by following our guide:

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You Won’t Be Able To Avoid Instagram Ads Now
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