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Got a Lenovo Laptop? Now, They’ve Made a Wireless Charger for It

Lenovo is getting on the wireless bandwagon this fall. The laptop maker is ready to bring its users a device that can charge their laptops wirelessly, and in a seamless and – Thank God! – discrete manner.

The device Lenovo has worked on is called Go Wireless Charging Kit and can turn any laptop into a wireless device.

The kit is made up of two separate gadgets, each with its own magic. The metallic, 3.2mm thick mat, which is wide enough to accommodate any 13 to 14-inch laptop, is meant to stay on your desk as a permanent fixture. The charging receiver looks like a long, black band and it has to be attached to the base of your laptop in order to work.

The mat has to be connected to a plug in the wall to function while the receiver has USB-C connectivity.

Lenovo says the kit has the capacity to charge 13-inch and 14-inch notebooks at up to 65W with a 93% efficiency. By the way, although Lenovo has obviously meant the Go Wireless Charging Kit to be an accessory to your own Lenovo setup, that doesn’t mean the mat doesn’t work with other Windows devices. As a matter of fact, you can use it with macOS products, too.

Now, it’s not like no one has thought of ditching laptop cables before. In fact, Dell actually released the first wireless 2-in-1 machine in 2017 but… it was more of a tablet and a keyboard set than a laptop.

So, this Lenovo charging kit could be, finally, the solution you’ve been looking for if you hate plugging in your laptop every time you sit at your desk.

This October, the Go Wireless Charging Kit will launch at the price of $140.

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Got a Lenovo Laptop? Now, They’ve Made a Wireless Charger for It
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