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Tim Cook Went Great Gatsby With Its New Los Angeles Apple Store

source: Apple

Tim Cook isn’t shy about his business – why would he?! This week, Apple‘s CEO went full Great Gatsby on us by opening a new Apple store in one of Los Angeles’ most extravagant locations.

If you thought Apple’s New York store in Grand Central Terminal was insane, think again. This week, Tim Cook went above and beyond by opening a new Apple store in the 1927 Tower Theatre in Los Angeles.

Now, this was a project in the making for 4 years now, so it’s not a total surprise. But, somehow, the photos picturing the Apple staff on velvety stairs and talking under a chandelier make it real for the first time.

It’s definitely one of the most elegant locations for a Genius Bar we’ve seen yet, and we don’t know how we feel about it yet. One thing’s for sure: restoring such a beautiful landmark is not a waste of time. Plus, I bet customers will be thrilled to spend time in this location, lingering on to take pics with their iPhones minutes after buying them.

Here are some pictures from the new Los Angeles Apple store:

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Tim Cook Went Great Gatsby With Its New Los Angeles Apple Store
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