Grounded Mode, Permadeath, And Other Features Come To Last of Us Part II

PC: PlayStation

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Last of Us Part II has had a mixed reception, given some story elements and fan expectation. Even still, Naughty Dog is hard at work to ensure players of the game have more ways to experience it as new updates are coming out.

From a post of the PlayStation Blog, Grounded mode will be making a return. Grounded difficulty is the zenith of the Last of Us experience as there is less ammo and materials as well as enemies that are more deadly. Added on top of this is a new Permadeath mode. As the name suggests, once you die, you start over. Unlike typical Permadeath modes, this one is a little more flexible: you can enable Permadeath on a per-chapter or per-act basis. From what it sounds like, this Permadeath option can be set on any difficulty mode.

Whereas Grounded and Permadeath challenge the player through difficulty, there will also be new graphics, audio, and gameplay options that will let the player experience the game different on an aesthetic level.  For starters, there will be almost 30 different graphics rendering modes, including black and white noir and retro 8-bit. Gameplay modifiers include “One Shot or Touch of Death that enable one-hit kills or Infinite Ammo, Infinite Crafting, or Infinite Listen Mode Range.” All modifiers can be unlocked after completing the game for the first time.

The final part of the new update will include ways to customize gameplay further. For example, there will be an option to disable listen mode and a playtime counter in the saves menu.

All these will certainly add new ways to play. If you haven’t checked out our review/rumination on the game, you can checked it out here.

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