Gucci's First Design of Virtual Sneakers Is Here

Gucci’s First Design of Virtual Sneakers Is Here

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Gucci takes a change into the virtual luxury footwear industry by launching its new pair of air of sneakers called – The Gucci Virtual 25

Designed to be used in augmented reality or in partnered apps like Roblox and VRChat, the footwear is surprisingly cheap if you compare it to the usual Gucci pieces in terms of price. You can buy them from the Gucci app for $12.99, or $8.99 if you purchase them from the  Wanna Kicks AR sneaker app.

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Designed by Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele in partnership with Wanna, a company that specializes in providing AR technology for marketing, the shoes integrate a chunky look with neon green and pink details, as well as the iconic “GC” logo.

Gucci’s first digital model is available via in-app purchase from either the Gucci or Wanna AR apps. Users can enjoy them in VR Chat, and Roblox.

Although the company’s first product of this kind, Gucci is not exactly new to digital innovation, as they previously released Pokemon GO avatars wearing Gucci x North Face costumes.

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Gucci’s First Design of Virtual Sneakers Is Here
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